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White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Promises of quick results and Google 'page 1' rankings are unrealistic. And some of the techniques used to try to impress you in the short term, can cause serious damage over the long haul. These techniques are called 'Black Hat' and try to take advantage of weaknesses in the search engine's algorithms. The problem with that strategy is that search engines are constantly reviewing and improving their methods. When they find these loopholes, they not only fix them, they also punish those who have tried to take advantage of them. Sometimes delisting the entire website.

We don't take shortcuts. The goal of search engines is to find the most relevant results - and that should be your goal as well. It doesn't help you to get increased traffic to your website, if that traffic is not looking for the products or services you provide.

Our team meticulously studies your business and website, learns your goals, and maximizes our efforts to help you reach those goals.

Strategies that make sense

Plans to fit your budget and meet your goals.

Evaluation Item ***DIY Standard Premium
Check current ranking on major search engines
Site content/structure analysis
    Navigation analysis
    Internal link anchor text evaluation
    Internal link function and placement
    Site search
    Site map
    Title tags
    Heading tags
    Description tags
    Image alt tags
    Keyword density and prominence evaluation
    Alternative keywords/phrases suggestions  

    Competitor's keyword usage

Internet Relationship Analysis
    Current directory listings  
    Inbound link popularity  
    #1 competitor inbound link analysis  
    Outbound link quality  
Pay-per-click step by step cheat sheet
Google Universal Search
Maximum number of pages/keyphrases** N/A 5/10 10/20
Investment $ $ $
  Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy Now!
$49/per month
Unlimited Space & Traffic
99.9% Server Uptime
24/7 Customer Care
30 Days Money Back
$99/per month
Unlimited Space & Traffic
99.9% Server Uptime
24/7 Customer Care
30 Days Money Back

Planning for Success

Just like your business endeavors, your website design will benefit from a thoughtful, responsive implementation. We guide you through the planning process so that nothing falls through the cracks and your goals are met.

Simplify Your Role in Website Design

Step by Step website design guideOne of the biggest roadblocks to successfully developing your website is putting all of the pieces together. It can be overwhelming to think of writing content about your business, let alone creating and organizing all of the elements that comprise an effective website. Most of us simply don't have the time to deal with it, and wouldn't know where to start if we did.

Introducing Threshold's Step by Step Guide

The best web sites reflect the participation of the business owners, after all, no one knows your business like you do. But the thought of endless meetings and writing content can be daunting. That's where our online Step by Step Guide comes in. Our guide focuses on ground-up design of a new site, update of your existing site, and marketing your site, including SEO, SEM and Social Media.

We lead you through the process of providing the necessary information in an easy, painless way. On your schedule, in the convenience of your home or office. Don't worry about doing it all at once, you can stop anywhere and come back later to continue. We'll keep track of where you are. Together we will make it great.


Step by Step Web Success Guide

Table of Contents:

What is your contact information?
What are your goals and expectations?
What domain names are you considering?
Who are your competitors?
Defining your audience
Determining your style
Planning for Mobile
Pages and Content
SEO Plan
Marketing and promotion
Wrap up

A copy of your progress is emailed to you.

The path to YOUR success on the web begins with our online Step by Step Success Guide