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White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Promises of quick results and Google 'page 1' rankings are unrealistic. And some of the techniques used to try to impress you in the short term, can cause serious damage over the long haul. These techniques are called 'Black Hat' and try to take advantage of weaknesses in the search engine's algorithms. The problem with that strategy is that search engines are constantly reviewing and improving their methods. When they find these loopholes, they not only fix them, they also punish those who have tried to take advantage of them. Sometimes delisting the entire website.

We don't take shortcuts. The goal of search engines is to find the most relevant results - and that should be your goal as well. It doesn't help you to get increased traffic to your website, if that traffic is not looking for the products or services you provide.

Our team meticulously studies your business and website, learns your goals, and maximizes our efforts to help you reach those goals.

Comprehensive strategies that make sense

Plans to fit your budget and meet your goals.

Identify website goals
Establish benchmarks
Navigation analysis
Identify demographics
Site cohesiveness with goals
Analyze site flow and organization
Create accounts for GA, Bing, FB
Set up tracking for GA, Bing, FB
Mobile Usability report
Develop SEO Plan
Analyze page structure and meta tags
Keyword research
Restructure content where needed
Identify Conversion points
Implement calls to action
Create/Submit sitemap
Set up newsletter subscribe form
Set up free MailChimp account
Identify Key Performance Indicators
Examine site flow/organization
Evaluate visitor experience
Submit to online directories
Test performance metrics
Develop Social Media plan
Email marketing campaign strategies
Explore relevant back links
Explore online partnering opportunities
Basic from
$99/per week
Up to 10 pages
Guaranteed Results
Premium from
$199/per week
Up to 40 Pages
Guaranteed Results

Pricing based on website size and implementation timetable. Contact us for a firm quote today!

Additional Services

  • Blog composition
  • Alerts/RSS
  • Video
  • Article/Content writing